I reinvented my life as an artist ten years ago after retiring from a legal career and becoming a student of printmaking and collage. I’ve come to see that I chose law but art chose me.

I was drawn to collage by the endless possibilities of repurposing paper. My collages draw from fragments of my recent drawings, mark-making, and original inked prints, as well as from the flood of visual information on paper flowing into our lives every day. I often incorporate photo transfers and altered-beyond-recognition magazine papers, as well as found objects.

Exposed to textiles from an early age through my family’s fabric store, I am drawn to varieties of colors and patterns, and am inspired to investigate juxtapositions and repetitions of color, line, and shape.

In exploring the tension of opposites, harmonies, and repetition, I uncover and make space for depth, an inner congruency, and/or conversation among the elements. Relying on intuition, experimentation, and the spirit of play to surprise and delight, the art-making process is one of risk-taking, discovery, and growth.

My sometimes strange metaphoric landscapes made of cut and ripped imagery have the air of dreams translated into improvisational and playful terrains of their own.

With my layered mixed-media paintings, I begin making marks with charcoal, pencil, and crayon. I then add layers of paint and often collage, sometimes concealing, sometimes revealing what’s underneath. The possibilities and properties of paint are allowing me to expand my visual language and to take a deeper dive into expressing a range of feelings and emotions.

My artwork is in private collections and has been shown extensively in numerous juried and group exhibits in New Jersey and New York as well as in museums in New Jersey and Rhode Island.


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